About us

Who are we?

Around 1,400 students belong to the Department of Engineering and Management. Every year, 400 young people begin their studies in our department. They are supervised by 40 professors, 15staff members, and around 90 part-time lecturers.

What degree programmes do we offer?

Bild: panthermedia.net / Andres Rodriguez
Bild: panthermedia.net / Andres Rodriguez

We offer three bachelor’s programmes, two master’s programmes, and one doctoral programme.


  • Engineering and Management (BEng)
  • Logistics Engineering and Management (BEng)
  • Automotive Engineering and Management (BEng)


  • Master of Engineering and Management (MEng, full-time)
  • Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&Eng, part-time)

Doctoral qualifications:

  • International doctoral programme (PhD) in cooperation with Plymouth University

What goals have we set ourselves?

Bild: panthermedia.net / Yuri Arcurs
Bild: panthermedia.net / Yuri Arcurs

  • We want to appeal to students, businesses, and staff as a result of our excellent teaching.
  • We want to build a strong reputation for engineering management by offering an extensive and innovative range of courses and training a high proportion of successful female engineering managers.
  • We want to foster close international links in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer through partnerships with universities and companies.
  • We want to use our world-leading knowledge to stimulate innovation in teaching, research, continuing education, and the application of findings.
  • We want to embody the principle of freedom in teaching and research in order to achieve our goals – with open communication, efficient administration, and a strong sense of identification with our department.

In summary, we are proud to say that not only is the university one of the biggest for Engineering and Management, but it also is one of the most respected, as shown by recent rankings.