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Partners & sponsors

Association for the Promotion of Engineering Management at Munich University of Applied Sciences – VFWI >
(Verein zur Förderung des Wirtschaftsingenieurwesens an der Hochschule München VFWI e.V.)
The VFWI promotes both practice-focused teaching and research and development activities carried out by members of the department, and also maintains contact arrangements with alumni.
German Association of Engineering Management Faculties and Departments – FFBTWI >
(Fakultäten- und Fachbereichstag Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Deutschland FFBTWI) European Engineering and Management Association – EEMA. Conference of Departmental Chairs in Engineering Management Bavaria (BayKoWi) in the department.
Affiliated Institute for Production Management and Logistics – IPL >
(An-Institut für Produktionsmanagement und Logistik IPL GmbH)
The IPL is a university-affiliated provider of expertise in production management and logistics and undertakes applied research and development.
Association for Quality Assurance and Certification of Medium-Sized Businesses – QZV >
(Verein zur Qualitätssicherung und Zertifizierung für den Mittelstand QZV e.V.) Established by professors from the department, the QZV supports the effective introduction of management systems and certifies medium-sized businesses according to ISO standards.
Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship SCE GmbH >
The range of courses taught by the affiliated SCE enables our students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and practical experience in innovation, start-ups and corporate development.
German Association of Engineering Managers – VWI >
(Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure VWI e.V.)
The Munich-based VWI university group in the department.

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