Student Society

Our students are also very active in the Department of Engineering and Management outside of their academic studies. Special mention must be made to the commitment of the Fachschaft 09 (Student Committee 09) – our student representatives.

Not only does the committee organise big events like Germany’s largest one-day career fair (HOKO) and the departmental graduation celebrations, it also represents students’ interests in dealing with the political institutions of the department and Munich University of Applied Sciences. The committee is run by dedicated students who voluntarily represent their fellow students in an honorary capacity in line with university policy.

Another of the committee’s essential tasks is to foster relations between students. To do so, it organises regular ski trips, parties, barbecues, and an excursion to Lake Garda lasting several days. Exchange students are very welcome to join the committee!


(HOKO higher education fair) Launched in 1996 as part of the Association of Engineering Management Departments, this successful fair (with over 120 exhibiting companies and over 5,000 visitors annually) is organised by our students and is the largest student project at Munich University of Applied Sciences.


Our committee is a member of ESTIEM, an organisation which aims to create a network of all European students of Engineering Management and their potential employers. ESTIEM stands for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. The network currently consists of 65 university groups with over 50,000 members from 25 countries.

Fachschaft 09

Student Committee 09 – our student representatives


HOKO higher education fair


European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management


German Association of Engineering Managers