Department 09



Public research projects and industry projects

We focus on the following interdisciplinary research and application fields: logistics management, the automotive industry, and engineering management (industrial engineering, information technology, biotechnology, and environmental technology).

Large-scale equipment proposals to the German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • large-scale equipment for manufacturing technology
  • CNC lathes and milling machines
  • large-scale equipment for nanotechnology
  • 3D lithography equipment
  • large-scale equipment for biotechnology
  • fermenter battery

Bachelor’s and master’s dissertations and doctoral theses

Bachelor’s and master’s dissertations and doctoral theses will be used to support research.

Methodenzentrum Online Lehre (MOL) (Methods for Online Teaching – MOL)

The MOL project involves testing innovative online media for use in teaching and scientifically evaluating the results. As well as enabling access to information from any location and providing teaching content in the most appropriate forms of media, it is particularly important to train students in up-to-date communication technologies. These include the application potential of unified communications, live conferencing, and collaborative learning.